Sunday, September 4, 2011

What am I doing here?

What I am doing here? Showing off, obviously. I have this collection of costumes and purses, mostly pre-1920, but it rarely comes out of storage. I collect because I love the workmanship and history in these items, and I've been acquiring things since I was ten years old.

Lately I've decided that just hoarding costumes is less satisfying than getting them out and studying them, so I thought, 'Hey, if I put my explorations in a blog, I'll not only have a website to go to when I want to make googly eyes at my pretty things, but maybe someone else will look at them and share their insights!'

I expect my commitment to this blog to be as sporadic as my commitment to getting things out and then cleaning up after myself; a constant challenge when costumes are big and stuffed with tissue. Sporadic is better than nothing though, right?

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